Really get off the beaten track

Heat map shows you where to go to avoid tourists

Backpackers and travellers are always looking for ways to get off the beaten track on their gap year to avoid tourists. Well, using this clever heat map will help.

Ahti Heinla, an Estonian programmer, has created this heat map to chart the world's most - and least - touristy places, so if you really want to get off the beaten track on your gap year you should be heading to northern Canada and Russia.

Africa and South America also showed low numbers of tourists.

Unsurprising, the place that shows the most tourists is Europe and the west coast of the United States of America.

Using the photo-sharing service Panaramio, Ahti's heat map shows the places most popular among tourists, or at least where they're tagging their photos while travelling.

According to AOL travel, Ahti said: “I love travel, but hate crowds of tourists - that's why I created these maps!

Where do you go on your gap year to get off the beaten track? Do you avoid tourist or are you one for the crowds?

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Photo of heat map taken by Ahti Heinla