Backpackers fly to the Gold Coast

'I'm A Backpacker... Get Me In Here!' contestants compete for the jungle title

The six competition winners of 'I'm A Backpacker... Get Me In Here!' have flown to the Gold Coast to compete for the title 'King or Queen of the Jungle.'

The six UK backpackers, Dave Brett, Andy Gosling, Chantelle Keady, Maire McDonnell, Sadie Rose and Nikki Smith, flew from Heathrow Airport to Australia on Saturday night courtesy of Qantas and were keen to compete for the crown.

Dave Brett, 22, from Chingford, said: "I hope I win, I really do, but even if I don't win I'm having the trip of a lifetime. I'm so happy to be going."

Andy Gosling, 26, from Windsor, said it was the Australian activities that he was most looking forward to: "The thing I'm most looking forward to is activities. We're going quad biking, we're climbing up a sky-scraper the day we arrive. I really thrive on adventure, and for that reason I'm going to win."

Chantelle Keady, 22, from Kingston, was a little more honest: "I think I'm going to win because there's nothing that I wouldn't do." No doubt she'll be put to the test.

Chantelle looking shocked

All entrants to the competition were required to submit a one-minute video explaining why they wanted to win the trip to Australia. The entries were uploaded to's YouTube channel, and viewers were invited to vote for their favourite video by 'Liking' it. The winners were the six videos with the most 'Likes'.

'I'm A Backpacker... Get Me In Here!' was a great success, with nearly 30,000 video views and more than 4,500 votes. The competition was far reaching with organisers, entrants and enthusiastic observers sharing video content through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

All six contestants will do a number of activities with Gold Coast Tourism including their very own 'bush-tucker trials'. What do you think they'll have to do?

You can follow the contestants live on our Facebook page and on the Twitter hashtag #imabackpacker to get up-to-date information. Also, you can see the story so far with our indepth feature and interview.

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