Gap years make you happier

New research shows that people who take a gap year are happier

Gap years are all about backpacking, volunteering and working abroad. They're about trying new things and gaining new experiences; in essence, they're about living life to the full. We've been saying it for years, but apparently those who take a gap year are happier in later life.

According to a survey conducted in Australia, those who take a gap year are: "generally happier, have wider interests and are better able to socialise with a diverse range of people." (Honestly, you couldn't write this stuff - Ed)

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research in Australia will soon release its report into gap year habits over a decade titled ‘Who takes a gap year and why?'

Over 5,000 students were interviewed in 2008 about their post university plans and 25% said they we're either taking a gap year to work or to travel.

Apparently, more girls took time off to travel than boys, and students of the arts, culture and natural sciences were more likely to take a gap year.

Marcus Sherifi, spokesperson for, said: "Obviously taking a gap year makes you happier in later life - you've seen some of the world's most amazing sites and you've got a lifetime worth of memories (not to mention the photos) to replay over and over.

"The majority of people who take a gap year have the best year of their life but it's great to see some research back this up. My advice if you're thinking about taking a gap year? Do it..."

What do you think gappers? Do gap years make you happier?

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