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Tell Charley Boorman all about your hidden gem in South Africa

Backpacking is all about getting off the beaten track and uncovering those hidden gems. Once exposed, they’re shared among backpackers until the next destination is discovered.

Some places remain less travelled than others; that’s why travel expert Charley Boorman is going to the Extreme Frontiers of South Africa. He wants to find out what South Africa’s really about and he’s looking to uncover those hidden backpacker haunts in the process. We want you to swap roles with him - you’ll become the travel expert and he’ll become the backpacker.

If you think you know any, then we want to know all about them. If you share your insider travel knowledge, we’ll give you the chance to meet Charley Boorman in South Africa and show him your hidden gem.

South Africa is a dream destination, yet it seems more holiday makers than backpackers travel to the country, so we really want to uncover a place that no one knows about.

Table Mountain automatically makes you think of South Africa and is one of the world’s most iconic landmarks; the Drakensberg Mountains delight hikers from all over the world and is a beautiful place to explore; the ‘Elephant Coast’ provides pristine, golden beaches that would make any Australian jealous, but people already know about these places. What we want is a place that no one knows about.

Maybe there’s that perfect backpackers haven near Durban that no one’s heard about before?

Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers started in Canada, where he travelled from coast to coast. It was a prime-time adventure series for Channel 5 where Charley aimed to take in all four extremities of Canada. In this series, he aims to do the same in South Africa, using any transport possible while he focuses on the cultures and the communities of the county.

So, if you want to travel to South Africa to meet Charley Boorman, then what are you hidden gems? Where would you really recommend to go?

Make sure you comment below or send in your suggestions to to be in with a chance to win.

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