Polar bear ‘rocks’ enclosure

Zoo visitors shocked as polar bear breaks viewing glass with a rock

A polar bear called Vicks has frightened visitors at Rotterdam Zoo by hurling a massive rock at the viewing glass enclosing his pen and causing substantial damage.

The video of the incident shows two men calmly chatting in front of the polar bear enclosure whilst Vicks swims about in the background. All of a sudden a rock appears to smash into the glass, causing the men to jump and move away.

Although the rock did not smash the glass completely and flood the viewing gallery with water and polar bear, the glass looks seriously broken and the pen was closed for repairs. The Daily Mail reports that Vicks is known for playing with rocks, and that the incident was likely an accident rather than an escape attempt.

The video is reminiscent of the 1999 sci-fi horror film Deep Blue Sea, in which super intelligent sharks outwit scientists to engineer their escape from an underwater laboratory. In the film Samuel L. Jackson and many others meet a grisly end at the hands of the hyper evolved specimens, but at Rotterdam Zoo the two polar bear enthusiasts suffered no more than a serious shock.

Vicks the polar bear is actually something of a regional celebrity - 420,000 people watched the first few months of his life via a live webcam feed.

He was named in honour of the cold and flu medicine producers who adopted him at an early age. There is no evidence that Vicks has been subjected to intelligence-enhancing experiments at the hands of his corporate pharmaceutical adopters.

Vicks has now been moved to a different pen while his is repaired. Zoo staff have reassured visitors that it will be completely safe to visit the polar bear once he is back in his pen.

Check out the rocking Vicks video below.

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