Sex on the beach

One in three British women admitted to having sex on the beach

It is very likey you're going to have sex on your gap year, but sex on the beach? According to a new survey, one in three British women admitted to having sex on the beach while on holiday. Not only that, but nine out of ten admitted to having more sex while on holiday than at home!

The survey for travel dating website found that Greece was the most popular destination for holiday sex, followed by Spain and Italy. Just 3% said that Britain was best.

And when it comes to holiday romance, Italian men are the most popular with British women, with a third of the 30,000 women polled saying that they're the best looking. French and Dutch men were also popular, but just 2% favoured German men.

One night stands were quite prevalent as well, with 40% of women under the age of 30 saying that they had had one on their holiday.

We're not sure whether these results are representative of British women as a whole, or just the clientele that happens to frequent

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