Do you boast about your gap year?

60% of Britons boast online while they're away

You've made it to Sianoukville in Cambodia, you've seen how beautiful the beach is, and you can't resist the temptation to upload a photo onto Facebook, Twitter or with the tagline "Wish you were here..." We've all done it, but apparently we do it more than we think.

A new survey has revealed that 60% of us take to Facebook and Twitter while on our travels to boast about being away.

Four in ten of us log on to Facebook and Twitter at least once a day while abroad and three in ten people admit they deliberately write boastful statuses to make their friends at home jealous (as if we'd do that - Ed). And it's not just friends that are targeted as 15% admitted they brag about their holidays to make their ex-partners jealous.

The research was conducted by T-Mobile, who has dubbed those who go online to brag 'smoasters' - social media boasters.

'Smoasters' defended their actions saying that if they're happy they have the right to shout about it online. They also say everyone else does it, which is a little immature.

Jo Hemmings, a psychologist, told the Daily Mail: 'We're not an especially boastful nation - we usually tend to play down our achievements but social networking has enabled us to post updates and photos about what we're up to anywhere in the world.

'Posting updates on social networking sites, while we're away, is the modern day version of sending a postcard - but of course is much more fun, having a wider audience and a far greater reach.'

Do you ‘smoast' while you're away? What's the funniest travel status you've ever put up?

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