Russian daredevil nearly dies

Base jumper's parachute fails in fall from 120m power pylon

Carrying on from yesterday's new story where 135 people in Russia performed a mass bungee jump off a bridge, this is a video of how not to do it.

In a worst case scenario, a base jumper's parachute failed to open as he plummeted to earth from a 120m power pylon, again in Russia. And maybe worst of all, it was all caught on camera.

The daredevil was clearly nervous about making the jump but he was obviously unaware just how dangerous it was.

As he jumps, you can almost anticipate that something will go wrong, and it does as he slams into he snow, but amazingly the man survived, despite suffering fractured legs, pelvis and vertebrae. It is thought that the snow is the only reason he survived, cushioning his fall.

According to AOL Travel, information provided by the Snake River Base Academy, a US extreme sports company, stated: "There are very few base jumpers with more than 500 jumps who have not spent serious time in hospital due to accidents. Most agree that it is just a matter of time until they are seriously injured. If you are not ready to die base jumping, you are not ready to go base jumping."

Have you ever been base jumping? After watching this video, would you?

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