Tourist found asleep in X-ray machine

Prompts questions to what is 'excess baggage'

We've all stood at baggage collection, watching bag after bag go past, and we've all thought "ah, I wish I could ride the conveyor belt..." It doesn't matter if you're seven or seventy, we've all had that thought, but have any of us actually had the balls to do it?

Yes, one Norwegian has, though it has to be said with a little help of 'Norwegian' courage.

The unnamed 36-year-old arrived at Rome's Fiumicino airport to board a flight back to Oslo. But, when he arrived at the check-in desk, he found it empty, and decided to jump over the counter for a snooze on the baggage belt.

He travelled 160ft in 15 minutes through the secure baggage area in Terminal 3 before being spotted curled up in a ball on the X-ray screens.

He was asleep the entire time, and airport police even had trouble waking him up.

An officer with Fiumicino airport police told the Telegraph: "It's impossible to avoid a situation like this if there's no employee at the check-in desk.

"There's usually an episode like this once a year and we are alert. In this case we were notified we sounded the alarm immediately and we took action."

So, the question is, have you even ridden the conveyor belt? Jump onto the messageboards and discuss it!

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Photo supplied by La Repubblica