Cheeky backpackers bare bums

Asylum Backpackers bare all in publicity stunt

Every now and then backpackers like to get a little naked. Whether it's that 'lads on tour' mentality it's hard to say, but a group of 11 backpackers and staff at Asylum Backpackers in Cairns have bared their booties to the world.

Asylum Backpackers aren't one to shy away from the headlines and their latest stunt has caused outrage in the local community.

A photograph of the prank was published on Facebook and a stream of complaints has again been directed at authorities.

Neighbour Bruce Passfield said the backpackers' hostel had crossed the line.

"If you're going to do that type of thing, don't do it there," he said.

"Opposite me is a Freemasons Hall and kids have dance lessons there at that time.

"All the mums and kids were pulling in at that time for class. There were kids around, six or seven years old."

Asylum hostel spokesperson Ray Tan said the "moon" was "just a bit of fun". He said the hostel would attempt a larger "mooning" at a later date.

"I checked the decency laws and as long as it's not full frontal it's fine," he said. "It's not meant to be offensive to anybody, it's just a bit of fun."

It's not the first time Asylum Backpackers has hit the national spotlight with its antics – last year we published a story on a girl getting jiggy and naked-pole dancing late at night.

And if you think they've learnt their lesson, they haven't. Yesterday they published this on their Facebook page: “BARE YOUR MOON FOR MOON BEARS. With all the hype in the media on Asylum Guests mooning, Asylum Cairns will now raise fund for the Animals Asia Foundation Moon Bear cause. Asylum Cairns will donate AU$10 for each inmate mooning by the white boundary fence on Wed 12 Sep 2012 at about 5pm.” So there we go.

Do you think Asylum Backpackers have gone too far or do you think it's just a bit of fun? Jump onto the message boards and get talking!

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