Top 10 most hated travel rip-offs

ATM charges tops the list of travel rip-offs

On your gap year there's going to be one or two things that are really going to piss you off. The worst is withdrawing your cash abroad.

While on the road one of the best ways to get at your hard earned cash is ATMs. However, there's no way round those pesky ATM charges, and this topped the Skyscanner survey of top 10 most hated travel rip-offs. Over the course of your travels you could easily rack up over £100 in ATM charges alone with banks often charging up to 3% of the withdrawal amount.

The next most-hated holiday fee is having to pay for "over-hyped and overpriced" organised tours.

Being forced to pay for hotel Wi-Fi access is third biggest rip-off and according to Skyscanner is a "real bugbear for travellers", with some hotels charging over £15 a day.

Taxi fares were next on the most-hated list, followed by credit card charges and having to pay for a sunbed.

Organised tours are one of the things that you guys hate on your travels

Macca Sherifi, spokesperson for, said: "There's no doubt that ATM charges are really really annoying on a gap year. It's just one of those things that you have to take on the chin but it still hurts to see how much money is wasted.

"Another thing that really angers backpackers and travellers is wireless charges and data connection speeds, especially in Australia. Hopefully someone can sort it out in the future!"

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Top 10 most hated travel rip-offs:

  1. Cost of withdrawing cash abroad (19%)
  2. Organised tours and excursions (17%)
  3. Hotel Wi-Fi (13%)
  4. Taxi fares (9%)
  5. Credit card charges (8%)
  6. Paying for a sunbed (8%)
  7. Duty free "bargains" (4%)
  8. Late check-out fees at hotels (4%)
  9. Buying bottled water (3%)
  10. Tipping in bars and restaurants (3%)