Do you own this camera!?

Diver finds camera 30ft underwater

Being the world's largest gap year social network and travel community, we all band together in times of need. Well, we're on the hunt for one the happiest men alive (just look at his photo!) after a scuba diver found his camera 30ft underwater.

Mark Milburn, 49, spotted the Samsung camera lying on the seabed just off the coast of Falmouth, Cornwall, when he was collecting rubbish.

He took it home to dry out and was stunned to find the memory card was still working with more than 800 family snaps on it.

There were images of a family holiday found on the camera

They include images of Darth Vadar at a theme park and a steam train from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Florida.

But there were also photos, taken just two days before, of the same family on a boat trip on the nearby Helford River in Cornwall.

Mark, who runs Atlantic Scuba diving centre in Falmouth, believes they dropped the camera overboard and it was washed out to sea.

He said: "I was on a routine dive when I spotted this small shiny box on the bed. I thought it was a camera case at first.

"But when I picked it up and it was an actual camera. Obviously I figured the sea water would have done irreparable damage.

"I got back home and dried it out and when the memory card popped out there were all these photos on there."

The camera was found 30ft underwater by Mark Milburn

The camera was among 30kg of waste collected by a group of local divers carrying out an underwater beach clean off Falmouth.  They also found plastic bags, tin cans, golf balls and an iPhone.

Mark said: "I guess they must have dropped the camera overboard and never thought for a minute they'd see it again.

"It would be nice to return the card and the camera to them so they can their memories back."

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