Man saves beached great white shark

YouTube video goes viral

It's not often that you'd want to get near a great white shark but that's because you're not Shane Cox.

Shane from Australia has got as much cojones as his name would suggest by saving a beached great white shark. In our books that makes him a hero and we're sure he'll get into sharky heaven.

Even though it was uploaded in November 2009, the video's exploded in the last few days and it now has over 2.5 million views.

Shane was fishing for gummy sharks, a local delicacy, on Ninety Mile Beach in Victoria, Australia, when he accidentally hooked a small great white shark instead.

Shane, not being one to eat a great white, cut it free. However, a short while later he noticed that the shark had become beached so he went over to help.

With the shark thrashing wildly on the sand, Shane realised the hook was still in its mouth, so he risked serious injury by removing it and dragging the shark back into the sea in order to save its life.

"I was fishing for Gummy sharks that day trying to get a feed for my family and friends and wasn't expecting this great white to be on the line," he told the Sydney Telegraph.

"Just under the hour of fighting we seen it, was not expecting this at all I was able to get it washed up with the wave I removed the hook and I couldn't leave this shark on the beach too die.

"I guess adrenalin and no brains I grabbed it and put it back in the ocean."

On YouTube, simonejayderai said: "Thank you Shane Cox for restoring my faith in humanity." Whereas 3snareguy commented: "Great. This dick just drowned an endangered land shark..."

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