Air New Zealand launches funny safety video

'The Hobbit' takes over in-flight safety video

Air New Zealand is cashing in on the making of 'The Hobbit' and they have released a new safety video for passengers that's bound to grab your attention.

Wanting to mix things up, the otherwise boring in-flight safety video isn't what you'd expect. With elves, dwarves and other creatures from Lord of the Rings, it certainly makes for an entertaining watch! Even director Peter Jackson pops up in a short cameo along with JRR Tolkien's grandsons.

With the film set to be released in New Zealand at the end of the month (it comes out in the UK on the 13th December), companies are trying to promote New Zealand as a tourist destination as much as possible.

The video was uploaded to YouTube at the end of October and it has already clocked up nearly 10 million views.

Air New Zealand international marketing chief Jodi Williams said 'An Unexpected Briefing' was a viral hit from the start, receiving one million views on the day it launched.

"The video has been simply fantastic for growing global awareness of the forthcoming movie, Air New Zealand's brand and New Zealand as a destination. But most importantly it's been a hit with customers on our aircraft and has again shown that by creating world class content people will engage with the safety messages."

At the end of the video, Air New Zealand offers viewers a chance to win passes to attend the world premiere of 'The Hobbit' in Wellington. And if you are a Tolkien fan, there is no place you'd rather be in December when the movie is released. Not only has a giant Gollum statue been erected in the airport, but for three weeks before and after the premiere, the city will be known as "The Middle of Middle-earth."

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