Rogue emu, zebra and miniature horse on the run

Staten Island, New York City, and Barnstaple, Devon, united in surprise visits

They might not have all been together physically, but we can't help thinking they were in it together telepathically. The zebra and the miniature horse were found trotting about on Staten Island, New York City on Wednesday morning. They were caught on video by Zachary Osher who spotted them trotting down the street causing havoc with the traffic.

"I was sitting at my desk at about 9:20 when I saw a zebra and pony run back and forth across the street, almost getting hit by a car," he told the Staten Island Advance newspaper.

The runaway pair, later identified as Casper the pony and Razzi the zebra, were soon caught by two men in dark suits who lassoed them back to safety. Which, with the Staten Island Zoo being seven miles away, was suggested to have been where they'd escaped from.

Meanwhile across the Atlantic in Devon, England, a pesky emu had to be taken away in a police car after attempting to break into people's houses at around the same time.

The four-foot bird was ruffling a few feathers during Barnstable rush hour, mainly those of the local police. PC Parnell told The Huffington Post that the emu was "running up and down the street, trying to get in people's houses".

After getting the call from concerned residents the police initially thought it was a wind up. "I've been in the police force for seven years now, and I must say this is one of the most bizarre incidents I have ever been called to," said PC Parnell.

"It's a bit of a state in the back of the car now - there's mud, feathers and a few other things..."

"This (catching a wild bird) is not the sort of thing we get taught during training, so I was a little unsure of how best to deal with this."

The emu is now safely with the "animal ambulance" service in north Devon, waiting to be picked up by its owner.

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