Lattitude celebrates its 40th anniversary

International youth development charity celebrates its 40th anniversary

When it comes to gap year companies Lattitude Global Volunteering have been around longer than most. It's safe to say that they've been there and done it over the years. Well, they've just turned 40 and they're celebrating.

Set up in 1972 Lattitude was one of the very first organisations providing worthwhile overseas volunteering placements in the UK. It was from this organisation the term 'gap year' was coined, after its original name 'GAP Activity Projects'. Who knows, if they had a different name then may not even exist!

Since those early days - operating out of Wellington College sending a handful of students on placements to Germany - the organisation has expanded over the years and has since supported communities and projects in 50 countries worldwide. This year the organisation sent its 40,000th volunteer.

Apart from its rich heritage there are several other factors that make Lattitude unique. Perhaps most pertinent is the goal to include as many young people as possible within overseas volunteering schemes. Lattitude sees the opportunity to volunteer abroad and experience another culture as a fantastic way to develop young people and encourage global citizenship and the spirit of community long term in all.

Lattitude volunteers are matched to placements based on their individual skills, abilities and confidence.

Lattitude, all we can say is happy anniversary and keep up the good work.

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