Man wears 70 items of clothing to avoid baggage fees

Guy goes to lengths to avoid paying excess baggage fees

You arrive at the airport, check in, only to be told that you're well over your baggage allowance. The question is, do you a) pay the usually exorbitant excess luggage fees or b) pull out 70 items of clothing and wear them all?

One passenger, who has not been identified, faced the dilemma at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in China.

He decided to pull out more than 60 shirts and nine pairs of jeans and struggled to squeeze into them all when his luggage exceeded the weight limit.

Wanting to board a flight to Nairobi, Kenya, the man was stopped in security by a metal detector and had to undergo a full body search. In his layers and layers of pockets, officials discovered batteries, thumb drives and device chargers. He was eventually allowed to board the flight despite looking a little like a sumo wrestler.

Have you ever done anything crazy in a last ditch effort to avoid baggage fees?

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