The "Almost Mile High Club"

Secret sex at the top of UK's tallest building

If you're thinking of joining the Mile High Club but don't have the balls to do it, maybe the "Almost Mile High Club" is for you.

It has been reported that sexy thrill-seekers are enjoying the views a little too much at the top of the UK's tallest building, the Shard.

Visitors have been having sex in front of full-length windows that offer breathtaking views across London, in what has been dubbed 'shardcore porn'.

Shocked staff discovered the romps after finding a pair of women's skimpy knickers in the men's toilets at the 68th floor viewing platform.

The toilets in the Shard

The black thong was found after an exclusive party, and there are fears the sex will get out of hand when the viewing area opens to the public next month.

A source said: "So far only invited guests and party-goers have been up, but people are already joking about couples joining the 'Almost Mile High Club'.

"One couple were all over each other. They were seen sneaking off to the loos and she must have left her thong behind.

"Clearly, sex on top of The Shard is the ultimate in thrill-seeking. The fear is more and more couples will want to do it, so there's talk of stepping up security."

The £2billion Shard is western Europe's tallest building, thrusting an impressive 1,016ft above the capital.

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