Man stuck at airport for two months

Real life Tom Hanks stuck at Santiago Airport in Chile

If you've ever seen the movie 'The Terminal' with Tom Hanks you may be tempted to stay in an airport for a few months earning good cash and getting into a sordid relationship with an extremely hot woman. Unfortunately the reality isn't half as glamorous as Hollywood makes it out to be.

Just ask Spanish tourist Rodrigo Ben-Azul, who has been stranded at Chile's Santiago Airport for more than two months.

He'd flown to Chile from Spain to resolve a dispute with his family who live there. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful and returned to the airport stone broke.

According to the local paper PubliMetro, he's a familiar sight at the airport as he searches for food and cigarette butts.

Ridrigo Ben-Azul has been stuck at Santiago Airport for two months

Just like Tom Hanks' character in the film, Rodrigo earns money by returning luggage carts to their storage area and pocketing the coins.

Apparently Rodrigo is waiting for his family to send him money so he can return home to Spain. He's still waiting...

What's the longest you've stayed in an airport for? Post your comments below.

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