Tourist's dreadlocks stolen at nightclub

Man wakes up to find his dreadlocks stolen in South Africa

Have you ever woken up to find your dreadlocks gone and sold on the black market? No? Well apparently it does actually happen.

A man from Zimbabwe was partying hard in Johannesburg, South Africa, only to find that his head had been shaved after he passed out.

Mutsa Madonko had his locks left for dread as he was found unconscious by his friends. Apparently it took him 10 years to grow his dreadlocks.

Jasper Munsinwa, one of Mutsa's friends, said: 'When we found him he still had his cellphone and wallet with all his money inside.'

The attack happened in Johannesburg, South Africa

According to, dreadlock stylists say there is high demand for dreadlocks in Johannesburg and few ask questions about where they came from.

Stylists say shoulder-length dreadlocks can fetch £50 and longer ones are worth up to £175.

Randburg stylist Lebo Masimong said women were the most vulnerable.

"You are an easy target if you walk around the CBD and your hair is loose. They don't care about your money or fancy phone. They are only after your hair."

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