Rail-y clever train dodger

Cheeky passenger hides from train conductor and gets away with it

How far would you go to avoid paying a train fare? Would you disguise yourself as a suitcase and hide in the luggage rack? No? That's because you're not this guy from Poland.

This YouTube video shows our protagonist Daniel climb to an overhead luggage rack and position a couple of bags in front of him moments before two train conductors pass him by.

At one point, the person recording the footage is told by a woman not to draw attention to Daniel as one conductor is checking tickets.

The video has a happy ending too as Daniel climbs down victorious.

The YouTube upload was posted on January 25 and has quickly gone viral, being seen 320,000 times.

The title of the video - Cichociemny? nigh, to tylko pasazer na gape - translates as "Cichociemni? No, it's just a stowaway."

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