Snoozing sloth lands in speedboat

Sloth becomes YouTube hit

Sloths are known for being one of the world's slowest and laziest animals. Not this one though; this sloth has been caught on camera living life in the fast lane.

The sloth fell from a tree in the Amazon and landed in a speedboat. Instead of being shocked and stunned, he sat back and enjoyed the ride.

According to YouTube user Patrick Verreth (who couldn't actually work out if it was an animal or an alien), the sloth spent several minutes looking disorientated when he landed in the boat, before stretching out his arms, throwing back his head and enjoying the breeze.

In the video you can see the sloth looks up and over the side of the speedboat, using its feet to grab onto the deck. With its back to the front of the boat and its arms splayed out, it looked like the sloth was embracing its new lifestyle.

The sloth has instantly risen to Internet fame with over 34,000 views. One YouTube user Danny86B aptly summed it up saying: "YOLO"

Sloths spend most of their time hanging from trees in the Central and South American rainforests and they sleep for 15-20 hours each day, which is so slow that sometimes algae can grow on their fur.

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