Roadkill now a legal dish in Montana 

Further fuel to the meat debate as Montana makes it legal to eat your roadkill

Ever seen a squirrel or rabbit splatted on the roadside and thought ‘mmmm, that’d be tasty in a sarnie with a splash of ketchup’?

Move to Montana and you could upgrade to a deer, elk, moose or even antelope instead of your bunny buttie. The heads of the US State of Montana have passed a new law allowing the residents to eat animals killed by their vehicles on the road.

Heads of state voted 19 votes to 2 in favour of the bill, obviously wanting to make the most of all those roadside ‘accidents’. Speaking to Fox News, state representative and state trooper Steve Lavin, said he introduced the bill because he thought people were missing out on potential food.

‘As people know, people hit a lot of animals on roadways, and I mean a ton of them. There’s a lot of good meat being wasted out there,’ Mr Lavin said.

He was quite firm that the legal fare stayed with deer, elk, moose and antelope though, obviously worried that the accidents could turn into premeditated murders thanks to the 'valuable parts' of sheep, bobcat and bears that populate the area. 

‘The bill is confined to those four animals for that purpose. Their parts aren’t worth what sheep or bear parts are worth.’ He said. 

In 2011 there were over 1,900 accidents involving wild animals reported in Montana, with almost 7,000 carcasses collected from the side of roads.

All this is enough to make me go veggie, well if it wasn’t for bacon sandwiches, sausage butties and pulled pork that is. You can hold off on the roadkill elk, for now  though... 

What about you? Could you go for a moose-aka?