Guy pushes his girlfriend off cliff

And then she dumps his ass

Sometimes boyfriends do shitty things, but shoving a girlfriend off a cliff might literally be pushing it to the edge.

In the latest film by adventurer and videographer Devin Graham (who we might add is one of the gnarliest videographers around), he caught the moment where boyfriend Creighton Baird encouraged, and then pushed, his girlfriend off a cliff.

Apparently it took Creighton 45 minutes to convince his girlfriend Jessica Powell to take a 400ft rope swing into a canyon in Utah.

However, when she couldn't quite bring herself to do it, he took matters into his own hands by pushing her off.

As she starts to fall, Jessica can be heard screaming, "I'm breaking up with you!" Creighton laughed off her comments and said that he hoped that she would be grateful that he helped her to take the plunge.

Apparently she later admitted that she was glad that her boyfriend had pushed her, because she probably wouldn't have done it otherwise.

The video titled "World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever" is sequel to the 2012 viral hit "World's Longest Rope Swing" and has already been viewed nearly seven million times.

Unfortunately there was an injury in the making of the video, and that was to Creighton himself. The film maker Devin Graham admitted that the couple later decided to split. He said: "Sadly, last week they actually did break up... It had nothing to do with getting pushed off the rope swing." Yeah, right...

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And here's the official video of the "World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever."