Tourism Australia launches 'best jobs' competition

Get one of the best jobs in the world and get paid £67,000 for it

If you're planning a gap year and want to work in Australia then look no further than Tourism Australia's new campaign, the 'best jobs in the world'.

They're offering six unbelievable jobs, from being a lifestyle photographer in Melbourne to chief funster in New South Wales. Each successful applicant will have a six-month contract working in Australia and will earn a whopping salary of AU$100,000 (£67,380). Yep, it doesn't get much bigger than this!

Tourism Australia did a competition similar to this in 2009 when they were looking for a 'caretaker' of Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

Briton Ben Southall beat over 34,000 applicants to win the dream job which required him "to explore the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, swim, snorkel, make friends with the locals and generally enjoy the tropical Queensland climate and lifestyle." It's a hard life.

However, this time round there's not one job on offer but six, including an outback adventurer in the Northern Territory; a park ranger in Queensland; a wildlife caretaker in South Australia; a 'lifestyle photographer' in Melbourne; a 'taste master' in Western Australia; and 'chief funster' in New South Wales.

Applications for the competition have already opened and candidates can complete an online application form at or You'll also be asked to submit a 30-second video explaining why you're the right candidate for the role.

The closing date is April 10 and the successful applicants will be expected to take up their positions on August 1, sharing their experiences with regular blogs and social media updates.

Cheif Funster in New South Wales will no doubt attract huge attention

Tourism Australia said the initiative was part of a campaign to promote Australia's 12-month Working Holiday Maker visa programmes for 18 to 30 year olds.

Tourism Australia Managing Director Andrew McEvoy said: "We've taken one of the most successful tourism campaigns in recent times - 'Best Job in the World' - and made it bigger and better by coming up with a competition which represents our breathtaking landscapes, our unique wildlife, great food and wine and, of course, our huge sense of fun."

There's no doubt about it, this is competition is massive; the question is, are you going to enter? Let us know in the comments below.