Randy pandas get some alone time

Shin Shin and Ri Ri in the mood to make love

As we all know, pandas refuse to have sex, which is strange as most species (especially dolphins) absolutely love it. That's why we were shocked to find out two randy pandas have been getting some alone time in Japan.

Female panda Shin Shin and her mate Ri Ri are in the mood for making babies and zookeepers have given them some space in the hopes it'll help them 'get along'.

Ueno Zoo in Tokyo is one of the most popular zoos in Japan and hundreds of thousands of tourists visit each year with the pandas always being a must-see enclosure. People might be disappointed to be turned away but when it's something as serious as this people are sure to understand.

Randy pandas get some alone time

"We have seen Shin Shin showing signs that she is in heat, so we have suspended public viewing and are getting ready to put her and Ri Ri together," said zoo official Mikako Kaneko.

"As female pandas are able to conceive for just a few days during a year, we are now carefully watching them so that we won't let the chance slip away," she added.

Shin Shin's provocative panda behaviour has included walking more frequently than usual and making noises, the zoo said.

Shin Shin and Ri Ri had a baby last year - the first giant panda cub at the zoo in 24 years - but it died of pneumonia about a week later, with the news stopping regular television programming and bringing the zoo director to tears.

Let's help them out, have you got any tips for Shin Shin and Ri Ri to get in the mood?