Proposal turns into washout

Woman swept off her feet after proposal

We're going to come out and say it now; this is one hell of an epic fail. It's that moment when the perfect plan comes to fruition only for nature (or God) to say "na uh, not on my watch buddy".

Matthew Hartman was down on one knee, just at the point of proposing to his girlfriend Lis, when a giant wave rushed in from the ocean and swept the couple completely off their feet. Luckily for us there was someone filming the whole thing.

Matthew had started the romantic interlude on November 21 by playing Lis a song he had written.

He then shocked his fiancée by removing a ring from his pocket and dropping to one knee on a rocky outcrop on Laguna Beach in California, USA.

That was when a huge wave came along and crashed the party, literally wiping them both out.

Fortunately he didn't lose the ring, and in case you were wondering, she said yes.

Matthew uploaded the video onto YouTube with a caption that his fiancée wrote saying: "I had the most amazing / crazy proposal on the 21st! I was surprised by a song written by my fiancé. He sang it atop a rock surrounded by the ocean waters at Laguna Beach.

"As soon as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, a HUGE wave completely engulfed us and washed us up to shore. Soaking wet, I quickly jumped up and said YES!"

Certainly a story to tell the kids. What do you think of the proposal? The YouTube video that is, not the film. Post your comments below.