Chinese airline to start selling cars on board flights

Soon you'll be able to panic buy a car on board a flight

You may be tempted to buy some nuts on board a flight, maybe at a push a bottle of booze, but a car?

If you're the type of person to panic buy without shopping around then you'll be pleased with the Chinese airline Spring Air's latest announcement. Yes, you'll now be able to buy a car on board a flight.

The airline plans to start selling Chinese-branded cars priced from about 100,000 yuan (£11,000) by as early as next month.

Zhang Wu'An, a spokesman at the Shanghai-based company, said: "Spring Air is still in talks over details such as which brands and models to offer.

"We wanted to start in-flight sales a few years ago, and decided cars are suitable for our passengers. Car sales are very popular in Shanghai and our passengers can have time during their flight to study details of the models available."

Car sales on flights will initially be available on flights from Shanghai and could be introduced to other flights, Zhang said. Flight attendants will be trained on the car details, while passengers may be offered other sorts of discounts to be lured into buying a car.

For us, we'll just stick to the nuts...

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