Cute sea lion cub hitches a ride

Adorable sea lion cub caught on camera chillaxing on a kayak

Warning; cute alert! Cute alert! The most adorable sea lion cub has been caught on camera hitchin' a ride on a kayak.

When recreational diver Rick Coleman surfaced from a night dive near California's South Bay, he sensed that something was up.

"I thought I heard a splash, and that startled me," Rick told the Daily News. "That already had me a little on the edge."

Seconds later, a squirmy baby sea lion plopped onto his yellow kayak.

"It scared the bejesus out of me," Rick said.

The stowaway waddled up to the front of the kayak and looked out onto the water, ready for adventure. Rick tried to nudge him off twice, but the dogged little creature just swam around and jumped back aboard.

"He was looking me in the face like a little puppy dog," Rick said of the encounter. "Like he was saying, 'Are we ready to go yet?'"

Rick guesses that the cub was either trying to avoid a predator or searching for a place to warm up. Cubs don't have a lot of body fat when they're born, Rick explained. If they're malnourished, they will look for chances to get out of the water for bit.

"He might have decided that my kayak looked like a good place to chill," Rick said.

Rick eventually realized that the stubborn pup wasn't budging. He started paddling back to the beach. His little friend stayed on board for the whole ride.

When the duo reached the shore, Rick started putting away his diving gear. The sea lion pup hopped off the kayak and swam over to a rock for some more chilling.

When Rick was ready to go, the pup was ready, too.

"He just got in the water again and swam away," Rick said.

Seriously though, on a scale of one to 10 how cute is this video? Post your comments below.