easyJet launches new route to Moscow

New flights to Moscow boost popularity of the country

Today easyJet have launched a new route from London to Moscow that has already seen a positive effect on the popularity of people travelling to the country.

easyJet fares to Moscow will start from £47.49 one way whereas typically returns had been up to £400 before the route was opened up, and it's expected that more and more people will travel to Russia than ever before.

easyJet boss Carolyn McCall said: "This is a historic day for easyJet; not only are we launching flights between London Gatwick and Moscow but it is also the first day our shares are traded on the FTSE 100.

"Moscow is a landmark route and one we are delighted to be able to serve. Russia is the world's largest country with a growing economy."

easyJet launces new route to Moscow

Offering frequent and affordable flights enables easyJet to play a key role to aid trade links between the two countries.

"Bookings for both of our Russian routes have surpassed our expectations and we look forward to flying hundreds of thousands of passengers in the coming months and years."

The downside is the cost of a Russian tourist visa (at least £77.60) and the slow process to acquire one, though easyJet has been in discussions with Russian officials about the fee.

Also, according to TripAdvisor, they've reported a 99% rise in the number of bookings for hotels / hostels since the flights first went on sale, so it really seems as if Moscow is the place to go right now.

Now that flights to Moscow are cheaper that ever before, are you more likely to go to the city? Post your comments below.