The world's most expensive gap year

It takes two years seeing 962 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Ok, so maybe this is a little out of our budgets, but it's still pretty awesome; are offering the world's most expensive gap year. In total you'll see 962 World Heritage Sites recognised by UNESCO hitting the road for two years. How much will it set you back? A paltry £445,000.

It's got all of the world's best sites including Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, Petra in Jordan, the Collosseum in Rome and Machu Picchu in Peru to name just a few.

Although the FCO currently advises against travel to a number of World Heritage Sites, such as Aleppo, Pasargadae in Iran, Leptis Magna in Libya, and the Yemeni capital, Sana'a, the company said it would try to cater for those who insist on visiting every attraction.

The trip will include overland travel and flights (in business class cabins or superior of course), while tours of the different sites will be guided.

The world's most expensive gap year

Accommodation will be at a range of luxury hotels, including Sandy Lane in Barbados, the Hotel George V in Paris, The Plaza in New York, the Cipriani in Venice, The Ritz-Carlton in Moscow, and the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai (we didn't even k.

The trip is for a minimum of two people, and includes a £5,000 donation to UNESCO.

Marcel Knobil, founder of, said to the Daily Mail: "There is no doubt that this will be one of most thrilling, memorable and inspiring experiences that a couple could ever wish for.

"Very First To attracts those who like to be the very first to have and do wonderful luxury things whatever the price tag - this trip certainly fulfils the criteria."

Obviously you'd all jump at the chance to go on this trip if you could, but what site would be a the top of your list to see? Let us know and post your comments below!