Adventurer flies balloons in South Africa

'Balloon bloke' defies gravity and flies from Robben Island to Cape Town

We've all wondered what it would be like to be attached to hundreds of helium-filled balloons and float off into the sunset (into the mist in this case). Well, one South Africa adventurer has done exactly that.

Matt Silver-Vallance has completed a journey of a lifetime by flying from Robben Island to Cape Town in South Africa only attached to helium-filled balloons.

In total, 160 balloons swept Matt off the island as he had to wait for the perfect weather conditions.

While up in the air, he had to pop 35 of them before he could land at sea, a few hundred metres away from Eden on the Bay at Blouberg Beach.

Matt described the experience and 'unbelievable and crazy'. He said: "It wasn't like the movie Up; there was no control. I got to about one thousand feet [above sea level], about the height of Table Mountain.

"I was going up... then I started coming down again, that's when it got hairy again,"

He did however add: "Would we do it again? Probably not."

So far Matt has raised over £5,000 for the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital though that figure is expected to rise.

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