Join a 420 tour to smoke weed in Colorado

US State set to be a weed-smokers dream destination

Amsterdam used to be the place to go to smoke weed on your travels. However, Colorado in the United States could join Amsterdam as a weed-smokers dream destination if two Denver locals have anything to do about it.

Matt Brown and James Walker have started a travel company aimed at those looking to take advantage of the state's new marijuana laws which allowed the recreational use of marijuana last November.

According to NBC News, the company known as My 420 Tours sets travellers up in "pot-friendly" hotels, takes them on tours of marijuana dispensaries, and secures tickets to pot-related events and gigs.

Colorado is a dream destination for travellers anyway

The state of Colorado legalised recreational use of marijuana towards the end of last year although the commercial side of things - that is, selling the drug to others - is yet to be approved. To get around this, Matt and James facilitate introductions between travellers and those involved in the local cannabis industry.

"It's an opportunity for people who prefer marijuana to alcohol to come to Colorado and know that they're not going to have to walk around downtown asking strangers for pot," Brown told NBC.

Their first tour slated for the end of April has already been a sell-out, but the duo hopes to offer more pot-themed travel packages and a few other events in the future.

The tours offer a glimpse of what the future of pot tourism could look like. Since it’s still illegal to buy or sell pot for recreational use in Colorado, My 420 Tours introduces enthusiasts to local players already involved in the business of bud.

Do you think you’d specifically go somewhere to sample the local flora on your gap year? As ever, post your comments below!