Man rides world's tallest bike

Makes the world look incredibly small

There are some crazy cats in this world and this is one such guy.

This video depicts a man riding a 14.5-foot-tall bike that he built himself. Why did he do it? We don't quite know.

The video, entitled 'STOOPIDTALL', shows Richie Trimble, climbing up a wall to get onto the world's tallest bike. He then rides around dodging traffic in Los Angeles, USA, in one helluva awesome video. He even has a close call with an overpass and a traffic intersection (beware: this video will make your palms sweat).

"Everyone looks at you like you're nuts and they're right," he told LA Streets Blog.

"My Mum even said so!"

Afterwards, he described a scary moment when he realised he was losing headroom in an overpass.

"It got to the point where my body, my back was parallel to the ground and I looked at my hand and I had about two inches clearance above my knuckles and then I came out from under the bridge and the whole crowd ROARED," he said.

"A deafening scream of 'Holy shit, you made it!'

"And I swear, those smiles must have lasted the whole ride."

Some Reddit users criticised Trimble for not using a helmet, but he said it was more like a circus performance than a normal bike ride.

Trimble made the pushbike in just 12 hours using a beach cruiser, metal tubing, a brake wheel set and single speed bicycle chains.

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