Is this Bigfoot's big foot?

Proof that Bigfoot exists

What is it with Bigfoot? People can't help but be drawn in with a story surrounding the mythical monster. Well, he (or she) has hit the headlines once again after Bigfoot's big foot has been discovered.

An extremely large paw has been found in the woods in Massachusetts, USA, and it is thought to be Bigfoot's. Definitely Bigfoot's and not a bear's.

Two young boys discovered the huge decomposing foot as they played in a forest and handed it in to the police, who were baffled and sent it for forensic tests.

The grisly find has given Bigfoot enthusiasts new hope that the hairy beast - similar to a Yeti - does indeed exist.

They say it's the best evidence yet that the legendary ape-like creature roams the forests of North America.

A medical examiner has since determined that the appendage is not human, although it appears to have five toes.

Lakeville Police believe it may just be an extraordinary large bear paw, but are awaiting the outcome of more tests.

"It will take some time before we hear any official results," said Police Chief Frank Alvilhiera.

In November 2012 there was a Bigfoot sighting in Utah, and that definitely was Bigfoot as it was all caught on camera.

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