Iceland to be renamed

Iceland to be renamed "Let's Get Lost Land" or "Isle of Awe Land"

Iceland has been running a marketing campaign like no other; to rename the country.

When the tourist board VisitIceland initially thought up of the idea late last year to rename the country, people weren't sure if it was a joke or not. However, it's turned out to be an extremely clever marketing campaign.

People had to put forward their suggest after being inspired by Iceland. After more than 25,000 entries, the contest is now down to two names; "Let's Get Lost Land" and "Isle of Awe Land."

A few ridiculous entries were "OMGWTFLand", "Best Place to Grow a Beard Land" and "Niceland", which is our favourite.

Jón Gnarr, mayor of the capital Reykjavik, said while it won't replace Iceland's official name, it will provide inspiration in how it's marketed.

"A country's name is its identity but that doesn't mean it describes it in the right way," Mr Gnarr said. "I mean, look at Greenland."

Iceland, a land of smouldering volcanoes and lava fields and, yes, arctic ice, got its name more than 1,000 years ago from a Viking explorer. However, despite what you might think it’s not all covered in ice.

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