Giant rubber duck makes waves in Hong Kong

Giant rubber duck continues its tour around the world

A six-storey-high rubber duck has been making a big splash in Hong Kong.

Crowds watched the inflatable duck being pulled by tugboat across Victoria Harbour in front of Hong Kong's signature skyscraper skyline.

Tourist Zhang Wenjin from Shanghai says it's a big surprise. "This is huge. My daughter liked it when she saw it just now because kids like cute stuff."

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman created the bright-yellow duck, and it was built of PVC material in New Zealand by a company specializing in large sails.

Florentijn was on hand as the duck arrived and said it later had to be deflated because high winds and waves created a "big challenge."

Florentijn said he wanted to bring joy with his giant duck, which he claimed help reconnect people with their forgotten childhoods.

"My sculptures cause an uproar, astonishment and put a smile on your face," he said.

"They give people a break from their daily routines. Passers-by stop in front of them and enter into conversation with other spectators. People are making contact with each other again."

In a statement on his website, he said: "The Rubber Duck knows no frontiers, it doesn't discriminate people and doesn't have a political connotation.

"The friendly, floating Rubber Duck has healing properties: it can relieve mondial tensions as well as define them. The rubber duck is soft, friendly and suitable for all ages!"

The duck has been transported around the world since 2007, bringing a message of peace and harmony. It has previously been to Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Auckland, and Amsterdam. Its next location is a well-kept secret, but it is believed to be an undisclosed city in the United States.

It will be anchored at a Hong Kong terminal for display until June so make sure you see it if you're there!

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