Backpackers resort to sleeping in McDonald's playground

Backpackers skimp on accommodation to sleep in McDonald's playground in Sydney

Being a backpacker on a round the world trip means you've got to run on an extremely tight budget. Often that means sleeping in the airport to save on accommodation, but what happens if it's closed? You turn to McDonald's of course.

A number of backpackers have been using the McDonald's playground in Sydney as a place to crash for the night.

Earlier in the week, at least eight people shacked up at the McDonald's on one night. "I've never spent so many hours in a McDonald's," said Anja Heins, who was awaiting a 6am flight.

"They kicked us out (of the airport) at 11pm and said come back in the morning."

Backpackers resort to sleeping in McDonald's playground

UK resident John Haycock asked: "Why on earth can't they open the terminal? It's not very comfortable in here and it's hard to sleep."

Sydney Airport said the terminal could not open during curfew hours for security reasons, and suggested backpackers check into one of several nearby hotels.

"There are a range of accommodation options around the airport for passengers on all budgets," spokeswoman Tracy Ong said.

However, with prices so high, and the fact that no frills flights fly extremely early in the morning, backpackers are doing what they can to save their money.

Sleeping in airports is common and it raises the question why aren't airports open 24/7 for backpackers and travellers.

Have you ever slept in an airport? If so, when and where? Do you think airports should be open all the time? Let us know by posting your comments below.