Beware of the beavers

Beavers becoming aggressive in Belarus

In our book beavers are a good thing, but it seems they're biting back.

If you're going to Belarus on your travels then beware of the beavers.

Beavers are becoming increasingly aggressive against people in Belarus as they stray into populated areas, emergency services have warned, so if you're walking around late at night then keep an eye out for certain types of the little critter.

Fire crews have been sent to get rid of them by spraying high-pressure water from hoses and last month a man bled to death after being bitten.

In last month's attack, a beaver severed a major artery in the left leg of a 60-year-old fisherman at Lake Shestakov, west of the capital Minsk, after he tried to take a photograph of it.

The country's beaver population has tripled to 80,000 in the last decade and spring has led to a surge in reports of aggressive behaviour as young beavers seek out new territory.

Despite their population boom and severe aggression, it's thought that they don't pose a huge threat to mankind. Just beware.

Have you ever been attacked by a beaver or some other furry creature on your travels? If so then let us know below!