25% of travellers have been stranded abroad without any money

60% of these have been 25 and younger

At gapyear.com we want you to be prepared for your trip; that's why you've got to do your research before you go.

A recent survey by my Travel Cash has shown that almost 25% of travellers have been stranded abroad without any money at some time on their trip.

The top causes of being caught cashless abroad are overspending, a victim of crime, and managing to misplace money.

Interestingly, 60% of those left without money while away were younger travellers aged under 25, suggesting that first time travellers on a round the world trip are vulnerable due to inexperience in managing their money.

Myles Stephenson, CEO of my Travel Cash, said: "Keeping currency safe and secure while abroad is essential for enjoying and getting the most out of your travels. No one wants to lose precious time on contacting to his or her bank or to be calling family members back in the UK for help.

"It's even worse when these incidents occur at night time or on weekends, only to be met with a frustrating automated message advising the panicked traveller to call back during working week opening times."

When travelling, it's essential to have a backup in case of an emergency, such as a pre-paid card or a credit card. That way, if anything does happen, you're not stranded abroad without any money.

Gapper Fingfang said: "I would take a pre-paid travel card and keep my normal bank card and credit card hidden in a safe place. It's not the withdrawal charges that concern me too much; I expect to have to pay a minimal amount.

"What worries me is that if my debit card and credit card are stolen money could be taken from my account very swiftly. At least if a prepaid card is stolen the thieves only get the amount of money on the card at the time..."

When planning your gap year, make sure you read our article on travel money tips - hopefully it'll save you a buck or two!

Have you ever been stranded abroad without any money on your gap year? What did you do? Post your comments below.