Live tour of the Great Barrier Reef

Celebrate World Oceans Day on Saturday 8th June

Are you heading to the Great Barrier Reef on your gap year but can't wait to get there? Then make sure you tune in to the World Oceans Day on Saturday 8th June for a sneak peek into one of the world's greatest natural wonders.

World Oceans Day is a global event designed to celebrate how totally awesome the world is and how the oceans play an important part.  To mark the occasion they're live streaming a reef dive on YouTube and Google Hangouts for 12 hours. The audience can interact with the divers and the panel via Twitter using the #reeflive hashtag.

Throughout the day there will also be hundreds of events taking place across the world that will help educate us on the importance of keeping our oceans healthy, while raising awareness of the challenges they face in the 21st century.

Stretching for more than 1,600 miles along the coast of Queensland, Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is home to a dizzying array of species including sea turtles, dolphins, whales and countless smaller fish. It also attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors on an annual basis, many who come to snorkel or dive the Great Barrier Reef's breathtakingly clear waters on their gap year.

Beginning at 10am Australian Eastern Standard Time on Friday, June 7, a team of marine biologists will launch a live event that will stream to the Internet via Google Hangouts. They're calling it 'ReefLive' and throughout the 12 hours that follow, they'll be broadcasting from their floating 'Sea Studio' with Tourism Queensland.

While the event is ongoing, divers will share live images from the reef, while taking us on a guided tour of this very special place both above and below the ocean's surface.

ReefLive diver Richard Fitzpatrick said that the event would show a side of the Great Barrier Reef few people had witnessed, and in turn help them appreciate its unique wonders and the issues it faces.

Live tour of the Great Barrier Reef

"Using technology and social media, ReefLive lets people around the world tour the Great Barrier Reef - without leaving their home and without getting wet," Richard said.

"They can also ask questions from wherever they are in the world. Through the magic of social media and the broadcast reach, I am hopeful I will be able to inspire people by showing them our Great Barrier Reef and to share some of its amazing secrets.

"This is the first time that anyone has attempted a 12 hour live-broadcasted dive, and I am excited to show the world just a snapshot of what is below the water in Queensland, Australia."

If you're interested in the Great Barrier Reef then make sure you tune in.