Boy finds $10,000 in hotel room

He still might get to keep it if no one comes forward to claim it

Sometimes it pays to snoop around certain drawers (never your mother’s though. Never ever). A "curious" boy has found more than he bargained for when he stumbled across $10,000 in cash stuffed in his family's hotel room in Kansas City last week.

Tyler Schaefer, 10, was staying with his dad Cody at the Hilton Airport Hotel in Kansas City last Saturday when the boy rummaged through the room's drawers and found the money.

Cody told ABC News: "He's one of those kids that likes to look for stuff."

But Tyler didn't get to keep the money for long as Cody handed it over to two policemen who were also staying at the hotel.

However, nobody has come forward to claim the cash, meaning the family could one day get the money back.

Police believe the money could be tied to something dodgy as it’s yet to be claimed. Captain Tye Grant of the Kansas City Police Department told ABC News: "Generally if someone was missing $10,000 someone would call back, but no one has called back. Wouldn't you think if you lost $10,000 you would get it back?"

Apparently the family will have to go through a lot of red tape - and a time frame of around 19 months - before they could claim the money.

Cody summed it up: "We didn't have the money when we got there, so it doesn't change much." Sage words.

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