Stop Delhi belly in its tracks

New vaccine could prevent Delhi belly for backpackers and travellers

If you've been to India on your gap year then no doubt you've succumbed to Delhi belly at one time or another. However, good news for backpackers and travellers; a new vaccine could prevent you from getting Delhi belly!

The new vaccine targets both E. Coli bacteria and salmonella, and has been produced by researchers at the University of Cambridge.

Delhi belly causes cramps, diahorrea, and as a result, dehydration, and is caught by consuming contaminated food or water. One of the reasons tourists steer clear from meat in India is to avoid getting Delhi belly. Unfortunately nearly all backpackers who are travelling in India for an extended period of time contract the stomach illness at some point.

New vaccine could prevent Delhi belly for backpacks and travellers

Nigel Slater, who led the research, said they were planning to start clinical trials of the vaccine later this year. "The vaccine we have produced is a powder so it is very stable and does not need to be kept in cold storage," he said.

"Nor does it carry any of the problems associated with needles," he added, saying that now all it takes is swallowing a capsule and the stomach problem is solved.

It's not thought to be on the market for a few years but its good news nonetheless!

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