Coca-Cola invent bottle made of ice

New and fun way to cool down in Colombia 

Whether you’ve been enjoying the near-tropical conditions in the UK the past week, or you’re off exploring the sunnier climes of the world, there's nothing like an ice cold drink to cool you down. But what if the drink was actually ice cold? The new bottle design from Coca Cola is made purely of ice, with a little rubber to keep your precious fingers functioning. 

Currently only available in Colombia, the Botello de Hielos (bottles of ice) melts down in the sun – perfect for our environment and your temperature.


To create the icy bottles, Coca Cola fills silicone moulds with water, freezes them at -13 and then fills the moulds with the Coke. Each of them is then etched with the Coca Cola logo.

Coca Cola logo-adorned red rubber labels are then eased around the centre to prevent frozen fingers and voila the freezing cold drink is ready. Once the bottle has disappeared as if by magic you’re left with the snap bracelet to show off to your mates, or give to a passing enthused child.  

I imagine that in the hot midday sun you’ll have to learn to drink up quickly, or you’ll be left with a sticky, sugary mess to deal with, but it's a small price to pay for refreshment as far as I'm concerned.

Apparently vendors in Colombia are selling more than 265 bottles an hour. No plans to bring them to the sunny UK as yet, but if you're heading to Colombia on your gap year let us know how you get on.