Man attempts to smuggle turtle in a burger

Mr Li just wanted to take his ‘beloved’ pet turtle on holiday with him

"There’s no turtle in there, just a hamburger," said Mr Li when questioned. "There’s nothing special to see inside."

Pretty much a lesson in what not to say when turtle burger smuggling right there. The hero turtle - no news on whether he was a teenager, or a mutant - caused alarm when Mr Li’s bag was checked going through security. The guards at China's Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport noticed some ‘odd protrusions’ coming out of the burger wrapped up in a KFC box in his bag and decided to investigate further.

This is when Mr Li – who we now know is one of the world’s worst liars – made the terrible denial / confession.

If the security guards weren’t that suspicious before, his "There’s nothing special to see inside" claim certainly sparked their interest and the little turtle’s cover was blown somewhere between a bap, some lettuce and a patty, I assume.

Turtle biting off more than he can chew

"Sir, are you sure there are no turtles in your bag?" one airport staff member asked, according to a translated report in The Daily Telegraph.

Turns out there was.

Mr Li finally agreed to leave his pet with a friend in Beijing, which was arranged, and everyone carried on about their day. Let’s hope the turtle enjoyed his airport adventure.

Mr Li is not the only guy trying his hand at pet smuggling lately, although I’m not sure if these ones were so ‘beloved’. Back in 2009 a British guy was arrested trying to fly out of Rio with more than 1,000 live spiders in his suitcase – imagine if they’d escaped on the plane! And in July more than 10,000 endangered sea turtles were found concealed in the luggage of two passengers in Calcutta.

If you were planning on taking your pet turtle, dog, caterpillars (there's always one) or even monkey on your gap year (like this guy), just be warned that airlines impose strict rules on exporting pets and you’ll need to check out the rules beforehand. Don’t try and smuggle them in a burger or sandwich, and definitely not a soup, ok?