Today’s Best Animal Stories from Around the World 

Real news is just too heavy for a Monday, let's see what our furry friends are up to

We’ve got a fluffy bug that looks like Albert Einstein, a spider who looks like Borat and a lion cub who baas like a sheep. Today is going to be a good day.

Hope Martin found this little Laugher Moth critter on the trunk of her walnut tree in her garden in Columbia, Missouri, USA.

Albert Einstein bug

She soon realised he bore an uncanny resemblance to physicist Albert Einstein – famous for developing the general theory of relativity and for changing our understanding of the universe. Wonder if this little bug has the same intelligence and high regard among his little buggy friends?

Next up in the (slow) news day, a spider made famous by his apparent similarity to fictitious Kazakhstani television presenter Borat. Photographer Anand Joshi spotted the little guy outside his home in Bangalore and it seems the world has humoured his claim that he’s the Borat of the spider world.

Borat the spider

Complete with ‘tasche and green kini the little guy is a form of araneus mitificus most commonly found in southern and eastern parts of Asia and Australia.Very niiiice.

And finally, a lion who sounds like a sheep when he roars. You just couldn’t make this stuff up.

This week-old white lion cub from Belgrade Zoo would be no match for the African wild with that squeaky voicebox, that’s for sure.

The little lamb like cub is yet to be named, but was welcomed into this crazy world by mother Masha, a lioness who came to Belgrade Zoo from Kruger Park in South Africa.

She came in to the world at 2.8lb and is a rare subspecies of lion whose coat is a mutation of the Kruger species. There are only a few white lions still in existence, but there are now more thriving cases of breeding them in captivity and then successfully releasing into the wild.

Great news if it means we can get more videos like this one.