Women Pilots Not Trusted

Most people prefer male over female pilots, new survey shows

Sky’s the limit for girls who dream of flying planes when they grow up. But even way up high, women still hit the glass ceiling. According to a new survey conducted by sunshine.co.uk, more than half of British travellers feel safer sky high if the pilot is a man.

Out of 2,300 Brits who have recently flown in a plane, 51% admitted they trust men in the cockpit more than their female counterparts.

The old ‘women-can’t-drive’ mantra doesn’t stop at cars, it seems. The main reasons given were that men are ‘more skilled’ as pilots and perform better under pressure.

Only about a quarter of holidaymakers thought the pilot’s sex didn’t matter. 14% had less faith in male pilots.

Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic

But sexism in the airline industry isn’t exactly breaking news. The International Society for Women Airline Pilots estimates that just 3% of the world’s pilots are women (4% in the UK), and a survey conducted three years ago showed a whopping 83% of passengers preferred flight briefings to be delivered by a man.

So, let’s hear it ladies: I believe I can fly…