Undergraduate offers £48k for a tutor to get him through university 

A chance to earn some serious cash on your career gap 

Fancy doing 16 weeks work for £48k? A 20-year old Swiss guy is offering the crazy amount for someone willing and able to help him pass his resits.

Just a tad wealthier than the average student, he wants to employ a private tutor to get him through the two Natural Sciences modules he failed from his first year to get him into year two at Cambridge University.

The 20-year-old has recently been diagnosed with dyspraxia and ADHD and has never failed an exam before, so the results came as quite the shock to his ridiculously rich family. No night college with the minions for this guy though, he wants full-on 24-hour help.

The successful candidate is also expected to socialise with the guy, and help him get stuck in with student life. He speaks six languages and is apparently ‘polite’ and ‘friendly’.

To apply you must have...

  • An excellent degree from Cambridge University
  • Possess ‘superb’ scientific knowledge
  • Non-smoking
  • Must lead a physically active lifestyle
  • A sunny disposition

Sound like you? You’ll get an en-suite guest room in the student’s Cambridge accommodation complete with parking space, all expenses paid trips to Zurich and £48,000.