Now your cat can take a gap year too

Gap years are definitely not just for 18-year-old humans 

Cats no longer have to stay at home while their owners jet off on a gap year. The INGS Luxury Cat Hotel in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, is a bit more silk sheets and smoked salmon, that the traditional sleeping bags and shared bathrooms that most backpackers experience though.

The luxury hotel has been established by super cat lover Jo Ounsley, 43. She said she wanted to create “the perfect place for a cat to come”.

Jo admits that some people might find it a little extravagant, but she said: “We just want them to be constantly entertained and stimulated, and that really leads to a happy cat.’

Cat Hotel in Yorkshire

In the recent survey, 15% of our community said they missed their pets more than their friends, their parents, their computer and their TV while they were on their gap year. At least if you drop your pussy cat off at the INGS Luxury Cat Hotel you know it’ll be in good hands. There are 11 themed suites that cost £15 a night – all individually designed to keep your feline friends content and pampered.

If you really want to splash out, you can book your little one into the Woodland Wing where they can enjoy massages and even a bedtime story read to them in front of a log fire. What a great way to treat your little purdy cat, and at just £40 a night too. Bargain.

Check out the hotel facilities page to see what your cat can get up to while at the hotel – from climbing trees and bubble water lighting to fire fly jars, virtual fish tanks, pet jelly fish, and of course, pet portraits. If you’re at all worried for your precious cat’s wellbeing you can opt to be updated on their progress via emails and postcards.   

Jo runs the upmarket cattery with her 12-year-old-daughter. They both spent months visiting catteries, vets and experts to ensure they were fully informed and ready to open their cat hotel. Jo says, “It’s not for higher class cats at all. It’s for people who just want the confidence in knowing that when they go away on holiday, their pet will have a better break than they will.”