Brazil World Cup doubts following riot

Mass brawl breaks out at football match

Brazilian football is in the news for all the wrong reasons today following a shocking riot during a match between Atletico Paranaense and Vasco da Gama.

Violence erupted at the ‘neutral’ stadium in Joinville less than 10 minutes after kick-off, coming mere days after the 2014 World Cup draw and reigniting fears for fans’ safety during next year’s competition, when the world’s eyes will be on the South American country.

A video of the brawl has emerged on YouTube and contains some truly appalling scenes, one of which shows a seemingly unconscious man being stamped on and repeatedly kicked and battered.

Warning: video contains disturbing scenes.

Some fans were left with serious injuries and one is reported to have died.

Speaking to the press, Vasco club director Antonio Peralta said: “This is not a circus, it is recreation, a sporting event that has to bring joy and not death. At Vasco we do not accept that.”

The riot was eventually suppressed by armed security guards firing rubber bullets, and the game resumed an hour later.

Atletico Paranaense won 1-0.

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